Covid 19 Infos

June 25 2021

The development of COVID gives us hope that we will be able to carry out the festival as planned. As it appears, the limit on the number of visitors – if at all – will be rather small. We will, of course, observe the security restrictions that will apply in October.
In order to be clear if tickets are still available, we ask all those who have kept their passports for the last time but are unable to attend the October date, to let us know as soon as possible. We are offering them – as a one-off special promotion until 15 August – to transfer their ticket to the next festival in May 2022 (6 – 8 May 2022). However, the condition is to inform us ( There is no automatic transfer. Those who have a ticket and do not inform us of the transfer to next year will have to purchase a new ticket for participation in 2022.
If you would like to have the ticket refunded, please inform us by mail with the bank details. Until 15 August this is possible without giving reasons. After that, we can only refund tickets if there is an important reason.