Orchestras 2022


The French ensemble is performing in Austria for the first time. With bandoneon, violin, guitar, double bass, and vocals, they pull off a remarkable marriage of Argentine tango and the tango of French chansons. In their latest album “Tour du monde en tangos”, the group takes the audience on a tango world tour across various countries in Europe and Asia, but they also don’t forget to make a stop in Argentina, of course. You can sit back and enjoy the journey with them on Saturday afternoon.



At home on many tango stages, milongas, and festivals in many countries and also having performed in Argentina, this Polish quartet is now one of the most established ensembles in Europe. With their mix of classic tango and original compositions, they always manage to keep the dance floor lively.  They open the festival on Friday afternoon in what will be their Austrian premiere.


Cuarteto Rotterdam

Many years ago this quartet performed at the Tangotoño Festival in Innsbruck. After going on a long hiatus, they are now returning with a big tour, during which they will perform at many concerts from their repertoire of several albums. We are looking forward to their performance on Sunday afternoon.


Duo Villarreal Crom

Already at the group’s premiere in 2019, Juan Villarreal was the singer of El Muro Tango at La Locura Festival. For years he has been one of the most important singers on the tango scene in Buenos Aires, with guest appearances with some of the best ensembles. He has been performing together with Patricio Crom for over 10 years after the two met by chance at a session of the Milonga del Moran. They have released several albums together since then. The two guitarists will open the Sunday afternoon session of the festival with their new program “D’Arienzo en guitarras”.



Since its founding almost 20 years ago, the ensemble has experienced an eventful history with its creative mastermind Carlos Libedinsky. After enjoying years of multi-album success, Narcotango went on an extended hiatus. The group brainstormed new ideas and projects during the lockdown, and as a result the electro tango scene came alive again in Buenos Aires thanks to the creative exchanges with other representatives of the genre. One result of this is the first electrotango festival to be held in Buenos Aires in February, which will feature Narcotango among others. A new album is planned to be released, and it may even be ready in time for our festival. We can hardly wait for Narcotango reloaded.


Orquesta Silbando

The orchestra, consisting of piano, two bandoneons, two violins, a viola, double bass and a singer, follows the tradition of the classical tango orchestras with the repertoire of the golden age, supplemented by many new tangos from other musical genres, also self-arranged and composed. From their home town of Paris, they travel to concerts, balls and festivals all over Europe and even to Buenos Aires, where they were greeted as one of the best Tango orchestras of today’s scene. Chloë Pfeiffer, pianist and conductor of the orchestra, is known and high demanded as an arranger in the wide tango scene. Those who attended the festival last year could see her with the Quinteto Ensueños. We are very happy that it is the Orquesta Silbando that closes our festival.


Otros Aires

Otros Aires performed at the first La Locura Festival. The ensemble is one of the groups responsible for popularizing tango nuevo as electrotango around the world. By combining passages from classic recordings from the early days of Tango Argentino (Carlos Gardel, Juan D’Arienzo) with modern electronic sequences, rhythms, melodies, lyrics, and instruments, it has managed to pioneer its own distinctive style.  It will be exciting to see Otros Aires and Narcotango come together to perform as part of a joint project.


Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

In the music of Milonga Roots we can sense the connection between the original rhythms of the Rio de la Plata region, with its tango, milonga, vals, samba, and folklore, and the African roots of tango music. Pablo Woiz reveals his passion for the music of his country on the piano and pays homage to the great masters by reinterpreting their music. Double bass and percussion provide an exciting interplay of melody and rhythm, which produce playful and sometimes surprising twists on familiar themes.Pablo Woiz will also play a solo concert in the Small Hall on Saturday afternoon.


Sexteto Cristal

We know the Sexteto Cristal from the first La Locura Festival. The wish of the tangueros for danceable “classics” of all times was the first inspiration and the first horizon of the sextet on its way to its own style and repertoire. You can hear the original sound of various orchestras and styles, which reflects the very special melodic phrasing, the dramatic articulation and the powerful rhythm of the golden age of Tango Argentino. At the festival the Sexteto Cristal will be accompanied by the Argentine singer Carlos Roulet.


Tango Sonos

The two brothers Antonio and Nicola Ippolito from Apulia were true crowdpleasers at the last festival. With piano and bandoneon they created a sound that, when you closed your eyes, made you think they had to be more than just two performers. The audience’s enthusiastic response led us to invite them again. This time they will perform twice. On Saturday afternoon they will play for dancers, and on Sunday they will give a concert in the Kleiner Saal.



Steve Morall

Steve Morall

Great Britain

Martin Le Pera

Martin Le Pera


Sebastian Valencak

Sebastian Valencak