Program 2024

The concerts in the Small Hall were in great demand at the last festival. We are therefore expanding this format and now offer four concerts, two each on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Seating in the Small Hall is limited. For this reason, we are offering a limited number of Superpasses. With it, you can secure your place for the concerts in the Small Hall.

These concerts are:

On Saturday:

  • Duo MüllerFunes
  • Trio Tasis

On Sunday:

  • Duo Tomassi – Woiz
  • Arta Balarta Quinteto

The Trio Tango Il Faut will be playing at various locations in and in front of the Haus der Musik and in the city during the festival, and dancing will also be possible. These square concerts are partly programmed, partly spontaneous performances. More information, such as times and locations, will be announced closer to the festival.

The other orchestras will all play in the Big Hall. We have scheduled the times of the concerts so that – with short overlaps – all can be attended.

Friday, May 3

13:00 Opening of the festival office
14:30 Open doors – DJ Sebastian
16:00 Analía Goldberg Quartet
18:00 Pause

21:00 Open doors – DJ Sebastian
21:30 Tanghetto
23:00 DJ Sebastian
23:30 DeLeones Tango Orquesta
01:00 End of the day


Saturday, May 4

13:00 Open doors – DJ Aurora Fornuto
13:00 Duo MüllerFunes – Concert, Sm. Hall
14:00 Ullmann Cuarteto
15:30 Trio Tasis – Concert, Small Hall
15:30 DJ Aurora Fornuto
16:30 Ensemble 22
18:00 Pause

20:45 Open doors – no DJ
21:00 Pablo Estigarribia – Concert
22:30 DJ Aurora Fornuto
23:30 ChimiChango
01:00 End of the day


Sunday, May 5

13:00 Open doors – DJ Pepa Palzon
13:00 Duo Tomassi-Woiz – Concert, Sm. Hall
14:00 Orchestra Taller Galván
15:30 Arta Balarta Quinteto – Concert, Sm. Hall
15:30 DJ Pepa Palazon
16:30 Elegante Sport
18:00 Pause

20:00 Open doors – DJ Pepa Palazon
20:30 La Santa Calavera
22:00 End of the festival