Organisation of the festival:

Verein Tango Dos
A-6020 Innsbruck, Burggraben 4
ZVR 1722826750

  • The tickets can be picked up at the festival office at the entrance to the Haus der Musik. We’ll have them ready in name. The festival office opens on Friday at 2 pm. Further opening hours are available on site.
    •The festival is for listening and/or dancing. Most orchestras will play danceable pieces, perhaps one or the other more for listening. The Big Hall in the Haus der Musik has approx. 515 m2 and a wooden parquet floor. The acoustics are excellent. The dance floor is located in the middle of the room, with numerous seats around it.
    In front of the stage we will provide some rows for those who just want to listen. The dancers are therefore asked to leave these seats to the audience and to choose the chairs around the dance floor.
    There are no seat tickets and no reservations. The chairs will be available on a first-come-first-served and sharing basis.
    In the Small Hall we have concert seating.
  • We would consider it a tribute to the musicians, if people won’t dance at the first piece.
  • We expect that some basic rules will be observed on the dance floor that promote a pleasant dancing experience.
    This includes
    • no crossing of the dance floor during the dance
    • Keeping the dance direction
    • no space-consuming figures
    • Consideration for the other dancers, even when entering the dance floor.
  • There’s no dress code. We would appreciate it if clothing is worn that fits the occasion of a quality music and dance festival.
  • For any questions or messages please send a mail to