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We want to avoid discussions about payments that have been made but not yet credited to our account. For this reason we end the advance sale with bank transfer. If you have ordered your passport but not yet paid for it, you can make up for it at the festival box office at the beginning of the festival, provided that passports are still available.

Passports are only available at the festival box office. There’s still a few passes left.
You will get the passes at the festival office in the Haus der Musik immediately before the start of the festival and during the festival. We won’t send the passes. Except for important reasons the passes are gernerally not refundable.

Day tickets for Friday and Sunday can still be purchased at Ö-Ticket.

For Saturday there are some remaining tickets at the festival box office. Orders for this will not be accepted.

There are no tickets for single concerts! The tickets/passes entitle the holder to entry for the respective day.


2-Days-Pass B: (Saturday/Sunday) € 115.-
2-Days-Pass C: (Friday/Sunday) € 110.-
3-Days-Pass: (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) € 155.-


Friday € 58.-
Saturday € 68.-
Sunday € 58.-

Your data will be stored exclusively for the purpose of processing the sales process and will not be passed on to third parties.