Tickets – Registration and payment

Tickets – Registration and payment

La Locura is not a dance festival, but a music festival where you can also dance. You do not have to register in pairs, of course single registrations are also possible. This means that we cannot guarantee a balanced ratio between those leading and those following.


There is the SUPER-Pass, the 3-day pass and the 2-day pass for Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.

At the beginning, there will only be the Superpass and the 3-Day Pass to give the public the opportunity to be there on all three days.

We will announce the start of the pre-sale for the 2-Tges passes in due course.

Day tickets will only be available towards the end of the pre-sale period, subject to availability.

The SUPER-Pass costs € 290,- and entitles the holder to admission to all events in the Large and Small Halls. It provides a secure seat at the concerts in the Small Hall, as numbers are limited. Tickets for the Small Hall are issued with the pass and are transferable. So if you decide at short notice that you would rather dance in the Great Hall, you can pass your concert ticket on to someone else.

Unfortunately, the Superpass is already sold out. We have a waiting list in case someone cancels.

The 3-day pass costs € 225,- and entitles the holder to attend all events in the Great Hall.

The 2-day pass costs € 165,- and entitles the holder to attend all events in the Great Hall on the respective days.

We have finished the pre-sale for the 2 and 3-day passes as we are fully booked. We have a waiting list in case of cancellations. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail stating which pass you would like.
If something becomes available, we will contact you.

Day tickets for Friday and Sunday will only be available from the beginning of April.
There are no day tickets for Saturday.

There are no tickets for individual concerts.

 Tickets can be purchased by registering using the form below and making payment. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account listed below. If payment is made by Paypal, a fee will be charged which we cannot cover. The respective price will therefore increase as stated below.

We will send confirmation as soon as we have received the money. Registration alone is not confirmed. The ticket is only considered to have been purchased once payment has been received and confirmed.

The tickets will be handed over directly at the festival at Haus der Musik. They will not be sent to you.

Paid passes are generally non-refundable – except for a really important reason. Professional incapacity is not considered an important reason.



When buying more than one ticket, please state the names of the other persons, as we issue the tickets in their names. This will save us from having to ask you.