We want to make use of the energy that comes about when participants enjoy the whole festival. We therefore favour 3-day passes even if they bring in less revenue than 2-day or 1-day passes. For this reason, we will only sell 3-day passes to begin with to allow all those who want to be there for the whole festival to be able to come.
We know that there are some people who would love to enjoy the whole festival but will just not be able to do so for various reasons. For such people, we will offer 2-day passes which will then go on sale in January. We will announce this when the time comes.

Day-passes will not be available until the end of the advance sales period, subject to availability.
Since we have less funding this year, the price will be slightly higher than last year.

3-days pass: :  € 175,-
2-days pass:  € 125,-
day-pass:     €  65,-

 When buying more than one ticket, please make sure you give the names of all the other festival-participants as the passes will be issued in their name. This will avoid any post-sales inquiries.

There are no tickets for single concerts!



Tickets are to be paid in advance to our account:

Tango Dos IBAN AT34 5700 0300 5551 3330

or via paypal…

Paying with PayPal

Confirmation of payment will be sent by Email. The ticket is only considered as purchased when payment has been received and confirmed.
Tickets are given in person in the Haus der Musik at the festival itself. There is no delivery service. Tickets are non-refundable unless for very important reasons.

Your data will be stored exclusively for the purpose of processing the sales process and will not be passed on to third parties.