Moira (Mo), Corina (Co) and Fernando (Fer) will teach in various combinations, depending on the topic. Moira/Corina, Fernando solo; Fernando/Corina, Moira sola; Moira/Fernando, Corina sola.
Some workshops will be for couples (C –couples), some for single persons (S). Singles could be leaders (L) or followers (F). Of course couples can book the workshops same for leaders and followers. The booking for the C-Workshops is only open for couples.

The levels are Intermediate (I), Advanced (A), and high level (AA).

For Intermediate you should know the basics like ochos and simple turns. It is possible for you to keep the axis in most situations.

Advanced dancers have a good balance and technique in both close and open embrace. You have been dancing regularly for several years and are able to lose yourself while dancing.

High level dancers are able to understand and practice difficult sequences.

We recommend for each workshop the specific level.

Quality is our top priority. Therefore we reserve the right to limitate the number of participants, depending on the topic of the workshop. This is a difference to other festivals, where 20 couples or more are participating the classes.

All workshops take 1,5 hours and are held in the Tangohotel Grauer Bär

Topics and schedule

Friday, 21.10.

14:00: Mo/Co – Axis – how we organize the body for the movement (S/L/F/I/A) (WS 1)
14:00: Fer – Fernandos secretos for leaders (S/L/I/A)  (WS 2)
15:45: Fer/Co – Circular movements – connection, embrace, intention (C/I/A)  (WS 3)  This WS is full !
15:45: Mo – Quality of the movement for followers (S/F/I/A)  (WS 4)
17:30: Fer/Mo – Milongueando en el salon – musicality, dynamics (C/I/A)  (WS 5)  This WS is full !
17:30: Co – Women’s technique (S/F/I/A)  (WS 6)

Saturday, 22.10.

12:00 Uhr: Relaxation
13:00: Mo/Co – Free leg – how and what to do (S/F/L/I)  (WS 7)
13:00: Fer – Turns – Turning system for leaders (S/L/I/A)  (WS 8)
14:45: Fer/Co – Milonga (C/I/A)  (WS 9)   This WS is full !
14:45: Mo – Turns – Turning system for followers (S/F/I/A)  (WS 10)
16:30: Fer/Mo – Cadenas (linked movements) (C/AA)  (WS11)  This WS is full !
16:30: Co – Boleos – different types, technique and dynamics (S/F/I/A)  (WS 12)

Sunday, 23.10.

12:00: Relaxation
13:00: Fer/Co – Close embrace – fluidity and control of space (C/I/A)  (WS 13)
13:00: Mo – Adornos for ladies (S/F/I/A)  (WS 14)
14:45: Fer/Mo – Vals (C/I/A)  (WS 15)   This WS is full !
14:45: Co – Corinas secretos for men  (S/L/I/A)  (WS 16)

On Saturday and Sunday we offer from 12:00 – 12:45 noon before the beginning of the workshops a special unit with exercises for arriving, relaxing, stretching, raising. As preparation for the following classes and a good aftercare after the previous day’s milonga. Constanze Korthals, a well experienced ballett dancer and pilates instructor, will lead this unit. We’d like to invite you to participate to these units with free access and without registration. (We recommend comfortable clothes and no dancing shoes).


25 € pro WS and Person
22 € pro WS and Person (when booking 4 WS and more)
150 € pro Person for 8 WS
10 € /Person for the WS Tango Nuevo at the Milonga „Otros Aires“ on saturday. (No booking in advance for this workshop; to pay at the beginning of the WS).


Please register for the workshops  by mail:
Please inform us about the title of the workshops (e.g. WS 1,WS 6, …) you want to subscribe and let us know first name and family name of you (and your partner for the C-workshops).
Booking will be confirmed with the receipt of the payment (full amount):
(Hypo Tirol Bank) Herbst-Tango Innsbruck  – IBAN AT46 5700 0300 5318 3562 – BIC HYPTAT22

The classes are available according to the order of payment, not of registration. Please notice the limitation for several workshops. Therefore we strongly advise registration in time. After receiving the money we will confirm your booking by mail.
After october 14 payment only at the festival bureau!

We apologize for we cannot – for organizational reasons – accept stornos, except for important  reasons until 10 days before the beginning of the festival. If you won’t be able to join the classes after booking, you should find a replacement. We’d like to assist you as far as possible.