Tango Spleen Orquesta

For the first time we will welcome the Tango Spleen Orquesta. The sextet with piano, bandoneon, violin, viola, cello, double bass and voice is fascinating with their musicality. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by their new interpretations of well known pieces. That’s the reason why they are invited to the big festivals in Europe this year.
Born from the idea of its director, the argentine singer and pianist Mariano Speranza, Tango Spleen brings together the tradition of argentine popular music and the research for its own stylistic evolution, and has become one of the references in the contemporary scene of Tango music.
Tango Spleen has published three discographic works, Mariano Speranza Tango Spleen (2010) , Tipico (2011) for Abeat Records, and the last “Canto para seguir” (2015).

DJ Deborah Segantini, I

Deborah Segantini, Almabruja for tango friends, plays a selection of traditional music that ranges from 30s to 50s, organized into tandas and cortinas. All the major Orquestras are always present. In this moment she has a real soft spot for De Caro, Laurenz and Tipica Victor. She adores Pugliese. On certain evenings a modern tanda can slip, a mixed tanda usually containing some older music too, or a Chacarera or Swing cortina.
She tells about herself: “I construct tandas as a dancer and I select them according to the interpretation of the messages coming from the dance floor, in the belief that the DJ should provide service to the dancers. I play music with a dual purpose: to free the largest number of chairs in the room and… satisfy the ear of those who, by will, fatigue or a bit of bad luck, remain seated. The rarest piece of the evening is never just for ears and I try to propose it with respect to the balance created during the evening. Deep respect and sincere admiration for Piazzolla’s tango, but I reserve the right to hear it at home with a good red wine glass.
Deborah puts on at the afternoon milonga on sunday.

DJ Naoko, E

DJ Naoko’s music selection is known as ‘100% Bailable!’ as it’s so irresistible and not able to sit.  She is an expert of creating the right ambient for the moment and her hospitality spirit makes sure the experience is pleasurable.  She connects and communicates with dancers through her music and let it develop naturally. She loves seeing happy faces on the floor and considers DJ as her dream job.

Originally from Japan, she dived into the world of Tango soon after discovering beauty of Argentina and its warmest people.  After visiting couple of times, she decided to spend more time in Buenos Aires to explore the world of Tango.  Her love and passion for TANGO naturally led her to become a DJ.  She held the sole resident DJ position at very popular practica/milonga TANGOCOOL! (in Club Villa Malcolm) for 4 years till its closure in 2013.  She has been invited to DJ not only in Buenos Aires but also in Europe and Asia.  After living in Buenos Aires for 7 years she moved her base in Europe in 2014 and now based in Barcelona, Spain and  continues to pursue her passion and actively DJing all over the world.
Naoko will be our DJ at “la noche de chicas” on friday.

DJ Ariel Salto, Arg

Ariel – La vida es una milonga
Ariel is coming from Buenos Aires. He is a real porteño y bailarin. Already in his childhood he had the first contact with the tango music. Together with his father, a milonguero, he was listening to the numerous tango records all day long. Then 10 years ago he started dancing tango and later on also being musicalizador in some local milongas in Buenos Aires e.g. Caricias, Milonga el Neuvo Pisoton, Mi Refugio or Milonga Solidaria. 4 years ago he came the first time to Europe starting to djing mainly at the milongas in the south-west of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia. He was invited to Festivals as well as Milongas in Munich, Ulm, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Kehl, Stuttgart, Bern, Basel, Bregenz, Zagreb and Rijeka. Ariel enjoys the tango music and arranges his tandas in the traditional way it is done in Buenos Aires. He plays only the great orquestras from the golden age. He is passionate always wanting to create a bit of the atmosphere people feel when dancing in Buenos Aires.
We will welcoming Ariel for the first time at our festival at the welfare milonga on sunday.

DJ Theo “El Greco”, I

Theo says: Motivation / Mood I offer traditional music with tandas and cortinas, from the period between the late twenties to the late fifties. The aim is to create a rhythmic wave for dancers to enjoy, ranging from orchestras, singers, rhythm and period of recording dates. I pay particular attention to what is happening on the dance floor, and adapt the musical selection according to its mood. Experience / activities I have been a member of the association Tangofirenze based in Impruneta where I was resident Dj since 2007 and for two years I was resident DJ at the milonga “Porto del mare” in Florence (2009-2011). Since 2007 I have made more than 700 Dj-sets (Updated on April, 2016) and since 2010 I give musicality stages and Dj workshops. In continue collaboration with associations that organize milongas-encuentros-festivals and marathons in various Italian cities and abroad: I have been djing in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisi, Turkey and UK.  I was born in Athens, Greece. I started dancing Tango at the end of 2003, and since the very beginning I was interested in tango music and its evolution. If there is one thing which has been fundamental to my training more than any other, it is without doubt the Milonga.
Theo “El Greco” puts on at the Milonga “Buenos Aires” on saturday evening, changing with the Tango Spleen Orchesta.

DJ Sonja Armisén, D

Sonja Armisen has been working with Tango Argentino since 1992 and played mostly traditional music.
Between 2002 and 2007 she produced 2 electrotango cds, at the same time she opend the first electrotango Milonga in Munich and started to tour as a Neotango dj all over Europe.
Meanwhile Sonja is playing mainly Electrotango and Tango Nuevo with some suprises of NonTango and beloved traditional Tangos.
At Sonjas Djsets there are no Cortinas, for not breaking the flow on the dancefloor.
For the first time she will create a Milonga together with DJ Soozie, the Milonga “Otros Aires” at our festival. We are looking forward to this exciting experience.

DJ Soozie, A

DJ Soozie is organizer of the Crossovermilonga in Vienna for more than 10 years, among others in the Red Bar in the Volkstheater once a month with live music.
She is specialized in alternative tango music. As DJ she was invited to the tangorave in Bremen and the Tangobiathlon and other alternative milongas in Munich.
She will perform – for the first time together with Sonja Armisén – the Milonga “Otros Aires” on saturday evening. We are very curious.

DJ Duddie David Mancini, I/D

I am David, Tango dj and dancer. I started to listen to Tango when I was a child with my Uncle Gigi; but my passion definitely evolved in 2006 when I started collecting and doing research in tango. Following the singer or the violin player, searching their stories, going deep into some specific years. The explorer attitude is simply amazing as a dancer and as a dj. Any time I am DJing is a different story, the challenge is following and leading the emotions of the ronda, in order to generate the perfect energy flow. That is the idea… “Influencing the emotions of people with a single finger – the Tango Dj seems to have almost divine powers! Tango Djing is dancing with the emotion of the Ronda, building a path to happiness; Being the leader for this journey. A good dj has to be flexible and sensitive. Prepared and trained in order to maintain focus and positive attitude. We will enjoy the night and discover some wonderful Tandas. Traditional Music only. Mainly from the 40’s and 50’s. Looking forward to making you dance all.”
David will be DJ at the welcoming Milonga on Thursday.

DJ Rosemarie De Mario, I

Rosemarie is the only one joining us as a DJ at every festival since the beginning. She predominately puts on traditional tangos with tandas. The feeling for the dance floor is her main concern. Her music should touch the dancers´ souls and legs.
Rosemarie presents her music at the afternoon milonga on Saturday.

DJ Sebastian Valencak, A

Sebastian about himself: The Tango found me in 2000 in Graz, Austria, where I made my first steps and fell in love with the music. So I began collecting and putting on CDs as a DJ. As DJ I’d like to inspire the dancers with a well-balanced collection of soulful, rhythmic and varied music for creating a good and pleasant atmosphere on the dance floor. I prefer the big orchestras of the 30s and 40s, mixed with a few well danceable tandas of modern orchestras. I am resident DJ at the „Milonga del viernes“ and other milongas in Innsbruck. Since some years (2013 – 2016) I am invited as DJ to the „Tango Alpin“ in Bergün and Savognin, Switzerland, and the „Tango Spirit“ summer festival in Sachsen, Germany (2014 – 2016).
At the festival Sebastian puts on at the afternoon milonga on Friday.