Daniel Melingo

As a crossover artist between Tango nuevo and Jazz, Daniel Melingo is a celebrated star in Argentina. As a singer and clarinettist he performs with his own ensembles in different sizes. With his charisma he is located between Paolo Conte and Tom Waits. To his last CD it says: “Melingo is back like an illusionist from a Borges novella, with his voice, his clarinet and his sense of drama. Listening to “Anda” is like enjoying a Fellini film with closed eyes and getting lost in a sound installation, which is assigned as a series of baroque scenes in which each piece pulsates and destabilizes us. In it the original tango is reborn, a little as if Carlos Gardel were at the centre of an artistic neo-rock fiction, with a gallery of characters in which Erik Satie and Serge Gainsbourg can be seen among the ghosts of the Argentine actor and poet.”